IPSTAR Training Program

The IPSTAR training is a very important aspect of the IPSTAR business because it helps to aid the IPSTAR partner in the knowledge of IPSTAR so that partners are able to carry out specific business and services related to IPSTAR Each of the courses in IPSTAR has been designed by technical and business professionals who have acquired excellent credentials as well as from years of experience. The training Program has been developed from previous partner training ever since IPSTAR has started its services in 1997. IPSTAR-INTER has acquired standard processes and procedures in order to improve the quality of training to enhance the learning experience, thus it is very important for IPSTAR to provide strict guidelines so that the quality of training is met or exceeded.

IPSTAR training is a valuable resource for empowering IPSTAR partners, therefore each of the courses are intended to be provided exclusively to official partners of IPSTAR-INTER and or other channel partners who have signed a contract or agreement directly or indirectly with IPSTAR-INTER (herein after referred to as “ IPSTAR Partner”).

The primary objective of the training course is to get the IPSTAR Partner up-to-speed with IPSTAR enhance the partner’s knowledge of IPSTAR within a certain area, in the most efficient way in order to facilitate the partner’s speed-to-market. Each of courses have been designed specifically for a certain type of partner according to their service and/or business objectives.

In addition, during the course of the partnership IPSTAR Training should be considered as a means of continuous development process. The IPSTAR Partner shall be encouraged through Partnership Development Programs whereby the IPSTAR Partner shall be able to obtain additional knowledge and understanding of IPSTAR and in the process be able to improve efficiency and meet future business goals.

IPSTAR-INTER will provide the IPSTAR Training through certified trainers who had prior hours of the project experience in order to ensure that IPSTAR Partner will gain valuable insights, tips, as well as tricks of the trade which will provide IPSTAR Partner with the confidence to pursue their market objectives.

All standard training courses are given by instructors who themselves are the thousands hour period of IPSTAR service experiences and have up-to-date knowledge about IPSTAR products and services.


IPSTAR Training Program

IPSTAR-Learning website is an online service to support IPSTAR trainings and provide training resources for IPSTAR STAFFS & COMPANY PARTNERS

In the digital world where people all around the world can access the resources by the tips of their fingers, IPSTAR also has e-Learning website for our partners to learn IPSTAR technology anytime they want, no matter where they are.

Now, you can come to the IPSTAR e-Learning website to get either just the course overview information or in-depth information


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