Prerequisite knowledge on the satellite communications, and TCP/IP networking, the learner should already know these basics before participating in "Standard Knowledge” learning.
PRE102 | Basic TCP/IP
PRE101 | Basic Satellite Communication

These are of the standard courses on the IPSTAR system and service for external partners and internal staff. The topics included in the courses are:
- Overview description of IPSTAR system and technologies
- IPSTAR business support system and process
- IPSTAR user terminal installation, setup and maintenance
- IPSTAR gateway system description and operation
TSL101 | Technology and System Level
UTI101 | User Terminal Installation [ENG/ไทย]
SPS102 | Service Provisioning System Using Webpro (Basic)
GOP101 | Gateway Operation and Maintenance (Ka-Band RF E/S)
GOP100 | Gateway Operation and Maintenance (NMS&OSS)

Who should participate in any programs?

  • Installer >>> UTI101
  • Network Operation Center (NOC), System Integrator (SI) >>> TSL101, SPS102, UTI101
  • User Terminal Master (UTM) >>> TSL101, SPS102, UTI101
  • National Service Operator (NSO) >>> TSL101, SPS103, UTI101
  • Gateway Operator (GO) >>> TSL101, SPS102, UTI101, GOP100, GOP101

Specialized knowledge provides in-depth or add-on information from the standard knowledge in order to help the learner gain more understanding thoroughly on technical details.
Content: Handbook, New Product or Other Devices about IPSTAR User Terminal, Gateway

Knowledge assessment provides the evaluation of the learning from the standard knowledge courses. The learner will be required to pass the assessment criteria in order to further attend the certification program for the specific learning area. The assessment includes on-line examination of theoretical knowledge, and practice assignments.


UTI101 Exam

Network Operation Center (NOC)
System Integrator (SI)

TSL101 Exam
UTI101 Exam
SPS102 Exam

User Terminal Master (UTM)

PRE101&PRE102 Exam
TSL101 Exam
UTI101 Exam
SPS102 Exam

Gateway Operator (GO)

TSL101 Exam
UTI101 Exam
SPS102 Exam
GOP100 Exam and Assignment
GOP101 Exam and Assignment

Certification program verifies an in-depth understanding and practical skills of the learner in order to be qualified as a professional expertise. There are currently two available certification programs;

  • Certification Program for User Terminal Master (UTM)
  • Certification Program for Gateway Operator (GO)


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